Saturday, 28 January 2012

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Welcome to ONLINE MOBILE SHOP.We are an exclusive online shop for everyone who are interested on buying mobiles through online. we provides a better price compare to the other shop.

We also provide a special service to our customer. if they had any problem with the mobiles that have been bought. they may directly contact us.

Blackberry Torch

MODEL: 9800
      PRICE: Rm 1 400

Blackberry Bold


MODEL: 9000 Black Colour

Blackbery Curve 3G


MODEL: 9300
   PRICE: RM 820

Blackberry Curve


MODEL: 8900
  PRICE: RM610

Blackberry Bold


MODEL: 9700
   PRICE: RM 900

Blackberry Storm


MODEL :9500
   PRICE: RM 55O

Blackberry Storm II


MODEL: 9520
   PRICE: RM 800